Sustainable Design

Image by Hama Haki

We establish it into the design from the outset. . We keep up-to-date with emerging resources and innovations in the energy efficiency field. Also, we look at how our client's habits can be treated with regard to living with nature. A house that requires minimal care, will need less energy. Flexible multi-purpose spaces can reduce buildings’ energy consumption footprints while encouraging our clients to experience a healthier lifestyle. 

Plus Studio focus on what clients want minimising the demand for mechanical services, providing excellent insulation and looking at the location of openings and awnings. 

 Internal partitions can be insulated to improve the overall thermal performance and reduce bills. It is crucial for us the benefit from the ingress of sunlight, excluding the need of power during daylight hours. 

Our sustainable strategy for small projects embraces flexible use of space, utilising sustainable building principles contributing to reducing embodied energy.